With the development of double-edged coins

In this poem, I’ve sought to include the most common language mistakes (including overused and misused expressions and grammar mistakes) made by my Chinese students. Every line contains at least one common mistake. For explanations of the mistakes and for suggested corrections, simply click the hyperlinks. (Also, as you’ll see, I’m still to address some of the mistakes. I’ll be sharing new posts regularly.)

From various aspects, this poem will try
To talk about phrases
on which to rely
In order to make your reader more stressful
But seldom
to make your work more successful.

I have to admit that, admit it or not,
In my opinion, this topic is hot;
There is no denying, it can’t be denied,
It’s a double-edged coin, a sword with two sides.

Frankly, besides, I have to point out that,
From my point of view, I think there’s no doubt that
China’s a country with a population
Of family members and other relations.

Of course, to be honest, as we all know,
It goes without saying,
as sayings will go,
That I am a person who’s easy to see
That he’s a Chinese, and she is a he.

Some researches prove (though none that I’ll mention),
If youngsters and elders improve their cognition,
We’ll face, whether lover or girlfriend or wife,
Less mental disease, a more colourful life.

And with the development of the society,
Science, technology, modern anxiety,
Internet, and the economy too,

The world’s more and more convenient for you.

Actually, anyway, worse still, what’s worse,
With more propaganda (the good kind of course),
Though language is possible to be erroneous,
We’ll strive to make the whole world more harmonious.

Last but not least, in a nutshell or word,
On the one hand, the other, or maybe the third,
All in all, I will do better next time.
Thanks for your listening; that’s all my rhyme.